other music

music for theater
Acoustic/electronic music for plays by Lindsay Kayser. a cuddle pop symphony from the movement in the bed on the brink of awake or asleep and how it’s all worked out with threadcount, produced by DiverseWorks Artspace in 2005; a remix of themes from microscope maintenance and repair, produced by Infernal Bridegroom Productions in 2006.

Acoustic/electronic music for IBP’s production of Bernard-Marie Koltes’ Roberto Zucco. 1999

other music
No Longer Anthems Of Disappeared Countries: work in progress. 2017
Bedtime Stories: 8 small instrumentals. 2016
The Totally Rude Variations: music for a dance performance by Suchu Dance. 2016
The Unusual Outtakes: 6 instrumental outtakes from The She’s So Unusual Project, a track-by-track re-creation of Cyndi Lauper’s classic album. 2012

Fallout and More: nine brief, sparse and moody instrumentals. 2011
Dead and Dying: instrumental outtakes from Songs About Dying. 2010
Instrumentals: January – May, 2010: assorted electronic and acoustic instrumentals. 2010

noise movies