songs and music

merel & tony. words and music written in collaboration with Merel van Dijk
disko komitet. words and music written in collaboration with Mladen Marinkovic
quiet preludes for thoughtful beginners. ten short piano pieces
easy etudes for interesting children. ten short piano pieces
a record of deported persons. words and music
the truth and reconciliation commission. words and music
Correspondence Compositions: clarinet and piano duos written through the mail in collaboration with National Pleasure. 2023
No Longer Anthems Of Disappeared Countries: 12 variations on discarded national anthems. 2017-8
Bedtime Stories: 8 small instrumentals. 2016
The Totally Rude Variations: music for a dance performance by Suchu Dance. 2016

assorted music for theater
Small Ball. 2018
Music for Jethro Compton’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. 2017
Music for Rebecca Gillman’s Luna Gale. 2017